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Terms & Conditions
  1. CMD VIP Club programmed is only provided for registered members of
  2. CMD368 Management reserves the right to change, amend, add, or invalidate any time without notice any of these terms and conditions.
  3. VIP members participation are to follow the terms and conditions stated under the program and website.
  4. Our VIP offers are intended for recreational players only and we, CMD368, may in our sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in any matters.
  5. CMD368 also reserves the right to check member's transaction record and login status at any time. If we find out and firmly believe any terminal user or personal group mis-use the qualification and rights, we reserve the right to cancel the qualification of VIP members without notice.
  6. CMD368 reserves the right to interpret, change, invalidate rules of VIP members.
  7. For any members redemptions, gift/rewards item is not available, we reserve the right to change to other items as the same value.
  8. VIP Levels Discount % is NOT applicable for Free Bets Rewards Redemption
  9. There are no charges for this program which was created to promote loyal members who actively patronage gaming experience.
  10. All CMD368 VIP members can register and participate activities only who is named by their own username strictly.
  11. We reserve the right to judge the qualification of the members and we reserve the right to refuse any member to join our CMD VIP Club.
  12. Any clauses mis-use the data or other rules of VIP members will lead to cancel of qualification for members and confiscate all the point/issues that you have earned.
  13. CMD368 reserves the final decision and sole discretion of all the programs.
  14. VIP members of CMD VIP Club are also apply with CMD368 general rules terms and conditions.
  15. CMD368 will not accept any member who would like to transfer their membership level to ther 3rd party member.
  16. CMD VIP Club is a special programme that services professional and recreational members with appropriate coorperation and pleasant collaboration both ways.